A lot of businesses today own websites on the internet and those that don’t soon will be or they are taking a risk of losing a lot of potential customers to their rivals that are online. Today it is thought that 40% of people looking to buy something or do business; will first turn to the internet before investigating other possibilities.

This means that if a business is not yet online, they will not get 40% of the opportunities for new customers that exist. So what does a business not yet online have to do to get online?

First of course they will have to design their website and although this can be done with modern software which translates your instructions into computer code, it is still best, for the best results, to hire a website designer to at least assist in the designing of the website. Once the website has been created, it will need a domain name and so there are many websites that will sell you a unique domain name. then you will need someone to host your website online and the best web host will differ depending on how big your website is and how any visitors you hope to get.

Most businesses new to the internet will use a web host that offers several levels of account and then, if they start with the cheapest, if they need to upgrade they can easily do so without the need to change their host. Now all that is needed is to ensure your website is seen before your rivals, allowing you the first opportunity to turn a potential customer into a paying customer. In order to do this and earn more visitors to your website in general, it is usually best to use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which are sets of strategies designed to increase visitors to a website.

The most commonly used strategy is the use of keywords in the content of your website. If these keywords are appropriate and strategically placed, they will get the attention of a search engine when it is requested to do a web search.

If your website is the site which has SEO, your site will be the one which attracts the engine’s attention soonest and so it will place your site at the top of its list of results, perhaps above hundreds of others, including your rivals. It is always good to use SEO in this manner as without it, your website may be listed as the 99th on the list in which case no one may ever get to see it and therefore not visit your site.

Another way to attract more visitors to your website is to use back links and this is when you place links to your site, on other, more popular sites. As visitors visit the more popular site, they are encouraged to click the link to your site where hopefully, you have made it interesting enough to hold their attention and create a sale.