Today some of the best websites on the internet were created by using website development software with no knowledge of computer coding by everyday people, not professional website developers. This means that you too could create a great website with ease and just a little money. To start you will need to think of a domain name which is the name that has been given to websites. You will probably have to think of more than just one name though as each website has its own domain name and as there are already so many websites on the net, your first choice will probably have already been taken. The next thing that you will need to do is decide which developer software you will use as there are several to choose from.

WordPress is possibly the most popular with 60% of all websites having been created with its help but Godaddy is also very popular as are some other developers. Most of the website development software will cost you something but the different ones offer different amounts of features to assist you in creating your website. Although usually they will all help you to create your home page, which is your website’s main page, they may not all offer so many options for any additional pages you may need. It is usual that any development tool will offer you a variety of themes for your website but even though you choose a theme, it still can be altered quite considerably with any number of additional features added to it. Some basics that your home page will need are a site map, an eye catching title and the promise of interesting features on other pages. The home page is the first page that people will see and it is the appearance and quality of that home page that will determine as to whether they stay on the site to investigate further or click to another similar site to find what they want.

There is one feature that is often used and can be quite appealing and that is a button that will allow any images anywhere on the site to be seen from the home page and then a visitor can find even easier what it is they are looking for. Another popular feature is a contact page and all of these things can easily be set up with the help of the development software. The price to use this software is very reasonable and so is within most people’s budgets but promotions can be found on and similar websites. A host is the server that will connect to the internet, placing your website on it with the millions of others that are already there and the price of a host depends on how long you want to pay for at a time, the usual is around 2 years which is ample time to see how well your site is received by the worldwide web users.