Monday, 26 October, 2020

Debts with the Treasury

They are one of the most feared by any citizen for this reason today in the Floramae Pinching blog we give you the keys to face them better.


Debts with the Tax Agency

Debts with the Tax Agency

The first step will be to know that from now on the procedures can be carried out through the official website of the Treasury so you do not have to travel to any entity. In this way, if we enter “Outstanding Procedures” and then “Deferrals and Debt Divisions” we can directly access the forms to request payment of the debt acquired by installments.

The Tax Agency is aware that many people need facilities to deal with these debts, so almost all taxes can be levied and divided, either personal income tax or even VAT.


Treasury does not set a money limit for debts that can be deferred

Treasury does not set a money limit for debts that can be deferred

However, if this figure exceeds 18,000 euros it is necessary to present an endorsement to achieve said postponement. In the case of debts, a smaller amount of this type of guarantee is not necessary.

Once said deferment is requested, the amount to be deferred must be stipulated and from what date you will begin to return it and it will be the Treasury that accepts or denies said request. In the event that you accept it, you should know that you will have to pay interest that will be around 5%. Remember that both the amount to be deferred and the date must be consistent so that finally the request can be accepted, otherwise, the legislative process of a default begins.

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