Whether you’re going to print vouchers to hand out to people or personalized checks, if you’re going to distribute pieces of paper that contain information which can be copied, you may want to make use of magnetic ink character recognition devices. That’s because these machines can help you make sure that the sheets of paper that you’d allocate could not be duplicated. Though these things may cost you some money, you have to understand that they’re reliable when it comes to keeping you and your money safe. These are some of the reasons why banking institutions and large businesses purchase printers, readers, and toner cartridges to take advantage of MICR.

Before buying anything, it’s important that you gather all of the details that you need to print so that you’d be able to produce sheets that you could use immediately when you’d already have the materials needed for production. If you’re going to print checks, you may need to have the information that banks usually require from issuers of customized checks. If you don’t know what to place, you could copy the format of the checks found in the checkbook provided by the bank where you have a checking account. Basically, for some of the contents of your checks’ draft, you need to have the name of the payee, space allotted for the amount to be paid in words and in number, and also the account, routing and check number. Because the nine-digit routing number, account number and also the check number should be printed in magnetic ink and written in the font style MICR E-13B for your own safety, you may want to purchase for yourself MICR devices.

You could buy an MICR reader if you’re planning to receive vouchers or paper with magnetic code written on them so that you could make sure that what you’d receive isn’t a counterfeit. For you to buy one, you could try to visit the website of companies like Rosetta Technologies. But, of course, there are also other pages that have such a device. Before buying one, make sure that you purchase the kind that has been utilized by top establishments like banks. Also, it is important that you get the product that can interpret the specific font that’s written in magnetic ink so that you won’t waste money.

Because you may only be able to create vouchers or checks that are secure when you’d print alphanumeric characters that can be confirmed by a special reader, you may want to purchase an MICR printer plus cartridges containing magnetic ink. MICR readers can’t get data from regular ink for printers and so that’s why you really have to purchase the type of ink mentioned. Also, for you to print in the best way, you also have to get an MICR printer because it’s specifically designed to not only handle magnetic ink but also print fast on pieces of paper. The MICR technology can shorten check clearing process and so that’s why many use and highly recommend it so you should consider purchasing materials that utilize such.