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Working to save energy? | Personal Loan

“Environmentally friendly living, we have already talked a lot about this at the commissariat. Some colleagues have installed solar panels, others have insulated their home. We are really working on it. It is they who encouraged me to do something about it. II wanted to improve my heating system by opting for a condensing boiler of the last generation. “

In the second phase of the work he wants to insulate the new roof even better. “I want to apply a layer of interior insulation. Due to the specific shape of the roof construction, which is the only option. It concerns sheets of 8 to 10 cm that are glued to the roof on the inside of the house. That method provides excellent results. ”

Personalized advice

Personalized advice

“One thing is certain: I did well to go to my agency to get all the necessary information,” concludes Michel Dubois. Sabine Rodrigue (Richard Feverel) confirms what he says: “Our role is to analyze the needs of our customers and then to recommend the product that suits them best.

Michel Dubois thought of a traditional personal loan, and I laid out. more interesting in his case because he wanted to perform energy-saving work I prefer to talk to clients personally in person, so that we can take the time to properly assess their needs and find the product that best suits them. is the strength of our bank: our customers are never a number. ”

Are you considering carrying out work to save energy? And do you wish to use the Eco-credit at the very attractive interest rate of 3.75% *?

Who will work with you to find the best solution

Who will work with you to find the best solution

Example: installment loan of € 7,000 repayable in 28 monthly installments at an Annual Cost Rate of 3.75% (fixed actuarial lending rate: 3.75%). This means 28 monthly installments of € 261.29, or a total repayable amount of € 7,316.12.

* Installment loan at Annual Cost Percentage (APR) of 3.75% (fixed actuarial lending rate: 3.75%), subject to acceptance of your file and mutual agreement, reserved for private individuals.

Amount borrowed from a minimum of € 1,250. 70% of the borrowed sum

Amount borrowed from a minimum of € 1,250. 70% of the borrowed sum

Must be justified through invoices or a signed order form which proves that you are paying an energy saving investment with your loan (consult the list of eligible energy saving projects).

The statutory maximum repayment is a function of the borrowed amount, but will not be more than 48 months for this interest rate. For other durations and amounts, please contact Richard Feverel agency.

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