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How do I get a business loan from scratch?

The axiom of trade – every business needs financial investment. This is especially true in the early stages of the activity. In order to make money implementing a business project, you must first invest in it. Big projects require big resources, small ones – a little less. But in principle, it is impossible to get […]

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Credit for funeral – respectful and discreet – fair

Please breathe in before engaging in funeral loans. In other words, please do not make economic decisions against the backdrop of an emotional bottom. We would like to give you a little guide on the way. Basically a small timetable to which you can orient yourself. Credit for funeral – not a priority at the […]

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Loan with 1000 USD Income – Instant Loan Online

It is not impossible to get a loan with an income of 1000 USD or less. We are happy to submit suitable loan offers. There are still questions about the loan with an income of 1000 USD. This means that many incomes are below the seizure exemption limit, which is currently over 1000 USD. Every […]

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Working to save energy? | Personal Loan

“Environmentally friendly living, we have already talked a lot about this at the commissariat. Some colleagues have installed solar panels, others have insulated their home. We are really working on it. It is they who encouraged me to do something about it. II wanted to improve my heating system by opting for a condensing boiler […]

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Best loan without credit bureau – instant loan online

Credit without credit bureau ranking of the last month! SME loan Ranking: Monthly updated ranking for credits without compilation on the Internet. Advice for borrowers with credit bureau problems. Especially for these cases, loans are now offered that do not require information from the credit bureau. Those who want to avoid such intermediaries from the […]

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Debts with the Treasury

They are one of the most feared by any citizen for this reason today in the Floramae Pinching blog we give you the keys to face them better.   Debts with the Tax Agency The first step will be to know that from now on the procedures can be carried out through the official website of […]

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Credit for renovation – cheap deals with instant confirmation

Renovation loan – what do you imagine? A publicly funded loan? Renovation loans for real estate owners with a very good credit rating and no land register? Or should your rented apartment shine anew? Credit for renovation – public development loans A loan for renovation or rather the same energy efficient refurbish? For real estate […]

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Pessimism is good for money! | Compare Loans

We Finns are not known to be the most positive people in the world, even though being born in Finland is called the lottery winner. Often optimism is seen as a good trait and pessimism as a less desirable trait. Fortunately, however, pessimism can also be useful, especially in monetary matters! Find out why pessimism […]

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Mortgages – Terms and Overview of Current Interest

Mortgage interest rates are at historical lows. Banks still provide low interest rates for 5-year fixations. If you want to know specific rates in individual banks, read on. Even though eg. rates on mortgages go up with neighbors in the Czech Republic, and interest in new mortgages in Slovakia is extremely low. Interest rates on […]