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Credit for funeral – respectful and discreet – fair

Please breathe in before engaging in funeral loans. In other words, please do not make economic decisions against the backdrop of an emotional bottom.

We would like to give you a little guide on the way. Basically a small timetable to which you can orient yourself.

Credit for funeral – not a priority at the beginning

Credit for funeral - not a priority at the beginning

Death leads the relatives into an emotional state of emergency. That’s why it’s important to give yourself time.

Credit for funeral – respectful and discreet – fair

Time to say goodbye. Economic problems, such as credit for burial and funeral home, can wait. It is also advisable to leave most of the organizational tasks to others. That is, the undertaker takes over these tasks in the background.

His bill is also no reason to interrupt the grief. Even more so, as she usually arrives weeks after the funeral. Rather, stopping each other should be a priority in the first few days. Then, as a first step back into everyday life, fundamental responsibilities are on the plan.

In the first place, who is heir? But, of course, this question is not about enriching yourself. The heir or heirs are the legal successors. That’s why they make all decisions. It is up to them to take over material goods as well as to take credit for burial and funeral service. On the other hand survivors who do not belong to this circle may advise but not decide.

Step two – the last will

Step two - the last will

Most older people leave a will. Basically, this is basically everything that the deceased wishes after his death.

Older people, despite all social obligations, often attach great importance to a modest burial. Fulfilling this desire not to insist on “pomp and glory” also reduces credit for funerals and ceremonies.

Also mentioned in the will is whether the family member had a death insurance. In this case, therefore, the insurance, the insured portion of the costs. If the deceased lives alone, his heirs solve the household. As a result of sales, some money for the funeral comes together.

Thus, again money, which reduces the credit requirements for the funeral.

Take credit – the right time

Take credit - the right time

The right time for the loan search has come only when all the facts are on the table. So a long time after the funeral. Until then only the entertainment costs were advanced by the heirs. A few hundred USD, either from the proceeds of the heritage or covers the Dispo covers.

For most of the relatives, the bottom line is several thousand USD, which must be financed.

Who takes up the funeral loan?

Who takes up the funeral loan?

When it comes to money, everyone likes to stay covered. Nevertheless, it is clear from the beginning who has to pay for the costs. It is the heirs, as long as they have inherited the inheritance. Because, they are the “legal successors” of the deceased.

So that in their mind they made all previous decisions and now have to stand straight for it. It is particularly easy to have heirs communities that agree. To do this, they jointly select credit for burial and other costs from a free comparison. The intended use is “freely usable or at leisure”.

They submit the application together. Basically, it is a loan for two or more people.

Credit tip – joint application

Credit tip - joint application

Credit for the funeral on the one hand and the funeral ceremony on the other is usually a small loan. To the creditworthiness of the applicant banks make small loans, so only very small requirements.

Nevertheless, heirlooms should not renounce the Community application. Basically, it’s about clear lines. So that afterwards nobody can feel over-advantaged. In addition, the joint credit for burial and bureaucratic costs is a credit request with “high credit”.

As a result, banks usually grant the cheapest interest. This creates an advantage that nobody should give away.

Credit for widows – support required

Credit for widows - support required

Women live longer than men. Thus, it is often the widow who has to deal with the loan for burial and funeral home. At the same time she is almost always “sole heir”. That’s a problem in the older generation. According to the earlier image of society many women were not working.

You therefore do not receive your own pension or just a minirente. Of the widow’s pension alone, she can not actually repay a loan. In other words, no bank will lend her the needed money. If she now hopes for state support, that is theoretically conceivable. Practically, however, as many medially reclaimed cases show, nobody helps her. Only if the family intervenes and applies for the loan together with her does she easily get the help of a bank.

To consider:

To consider:

A bank can only fulfill a credit request as soon as the money is considered safe. Thus, even the credit for funeral and small farewell party is excluded if the credit check negative. In short, the first reputable alternative in this situation is credit with a bank guarantee. Possibly a security like a paid house could also secure the loan.

If both options are excluded, the credit remains private.

Credit for funeral – from private

Credit for funeral - from private

Initially everyone thinks of the credit from their private lives to their environment. In any case, it makes sense, of course, to draw attention to the closer caregivers. For from the circle of friends, credit is interest-free. Nevertheless, most do not reach their destination on this path. After all, such a funeral costs about 5,000 USD or more on average. Private loan for burial and mourning ceremony could also come from strangers.

Creditend and Viloan have an impeccable reputation in providing credit from private lenders to borrowers. In short, private credit is not equal to bank credit. Private lenders are not required to conduct credit checks. In other words, they decide who they grant credit to themselves.

Credit decision by private financier

Credit decision by private financier

Private credit works over bids in small subtotals. At the same time, this increases the risk appetite of investors. Because risking a few USD does not hurt anyone. At the same time the gut feeling plays a decisive role.

Humanity, the desire to help, takes on an emotional role. So the bottom line is unexpected chances. Credit for burial and memorial service could be granted, though banks previously refused.