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Did you win the lottery? Learn to manage your new money

Congratulations! If this Saturday the lottery touched you, you are giving boats of joy and want to share that happiness with yours. But it is important that, first of all, you spend 5 minutes learning to manage your new money. At Good Finance we want to help you get it!

I just played the lottery … now what?

I just played the lottery ... now what?

The Christmas Lottery rewards with about 400,000 euros every tenth of El Gordo. So if you are one of the lucky ones, you should stop for a moment to read our tips on how to manage the lottery money.

First of all: don’t say in public that you’ve won the lottery. One thing is that you share it in ‘secret’ with your family and friends, but you shouldn’t make it public. Eye, it is also very important that they do not tell anyone.

The second is to keep calm and feet on the ground. Do not spend everything from one day to another or throw money, because it ends quickly, before you imagine. Moreover, many people who were graced with the lottery ended up having less money in the bank than before they were touched.

What to do after? If you are already calmer, it is time to do calculations and see how much the Treasury is going to take. To do this, you know that if the prize exceeds the amount of 2,500 euros, you will have to pay 20% of taxes to the Treasury. In the case of the fat man, you would be clean about 320,000 euros.

Once these accounts are made

Once these accounts are made

The following is to hire the services of a financial advisor. Why is it needed? Even if you prefer to manage money “at your own pace,” the consultant will help you design a strategy to invest your money and achieve greater profitability. It is important that you keep that in mind, because money over the years is devalued.

At this point, it’s time to catch up on the bills and start plugging holes. To do this, if you have outstanding loans or mortgages, it is best to pay it as soon as possible, to stop paying interest and not to have any kind of debt. So you can live more quietly in this part.

At this point, it is time to invest something in yourself and give yourself a whim (as long as the expense does not exceed 10% of what you have earned).

When you are more stabilized in this aspect and have more assumed, you will be ready to start investing money in the purchase of a home, a car … in short, what you need. Ideally, invest it in investment funds or real estate, so that you get more return on your money over the years and that your account grows without realizing it.

Keep in mind that more profitability means higher risk, so you should take it into account when managing your money correctly.

Let Good Finance help you

Let Good Finance help you

And if on the other hand, you are like the great majority and you have not touched a single euro in the lottery but you need the money, in that case remember that you can always resort to requesting a loan through Good Finance. In less than 3 minutes, without small print and without paperwork, you can get your loan of up to € 40,000 through our app or our website.

Normally, a financial advisor can help you intelligently manage your money so that you always get maximum profitability. Now, using Good Finance you will find a complete solution to organize accounts and organize expenses, which will allow you to better manage your finances. If you are not yet a user of Good Finance, we remind you that using it is very easy because you only have to connect your bank account and start discovering how you can get more out of your money.