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Tips How to Make Money – Credits

Focus Money sheds light on the “bright spots” for private investment in 2012. The article, which was published in December, provides an outlook for the New Year as well as tips for safe investments.

To our delight, Tip # 3 introduces investment via our credit marketplace Good Finance. In addition, 24 other forms of investment are presented and further good tips for the private investment offered. By clicking on the image on the right you will get directly to the article.

So what are you waiting for? Simply register with Good Finance without obligation and inform us about the possibilities of our investment: invest money with Good Finance.

Lend money privately

Lend money privately

With debit interest can be earned more than with credit interest. Especially Good Finance offers a good opportunity to use that.

Investors can see at any time what credit their borrower has and there are statistics showing how high the risk of default is. So-called investor pools are used to absorb delays and defaults.

Use low interest rates

Use low interest rates

At the moment, interest rates are lower than ever.

A bad moment for investors, but better for borrowers. Especially for potential homebuyers now offers an opportune time.

Interest from Korea and Sweden

If you want to invest in government bonds, you should specialize in emerging markets. The fund invests in government or semi-public bonds. Especially countries like Korea (16 percent weight) and Sweden (5.3 percent) are in focus.

Only the real is true


Investors who invest in real assets or mutual funds are on the safe side. The portfolios are based on equities, real estate, commodities and precious metals. The idea of ​​these funds is based on the fact that you can only hedge against systematic risks with assets that are physically available, explains Markus Steinbeis.

Shares fixed deposit

Companies like E.on offer certificates that provide plenty of buffer with a return of 7 percent. This protects investors with this paper. At least until the price reaches 6.50 euros and the bank does not declare bankruptcy.